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Very nicely put up. thanks

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Thank you so much Dilip bhaiya for writing these posts! This is such a central problem to life, and if I'm not patient enough, I may just look up Kr̥ṣṇa's answer myself, although I'm sure your explanation would help volumes. I've have the book Mindset as well, and until now I've never realized the parallels you're describing. It's amazing to see these similarities in thought across thousands of miles and thousands of years.

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Thanks Jay! In regards to Krishna's answer, it's actually fairly straightforwardly given, but I think it's best understood in the larger context of the Gita. Understanding the philosophy of karma and the operation of the antahkarna as explained in the Gita (which uses the same analogy Yama uses in Kathopanishad) helps place the straightforward answer in a useful context. That context allows us to apply the answer more practically. We will definitely get into it!

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