What is Dharma and Management?

My name is Dilip Goswami. I'm an engineer turned entrepreneur and I've built my career on solving massive real-world problems with deep technological solutions. In 2014 I left my studies at Stanford to found Molekule - using photoelectrochemical oxidation technology to destroy the widest range of pollutants in the air, including viruses and chemicals. Over five years as CEO I took this technology from lab bench to the market, raised hundreds of millions in funding, and built a company serving hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

This journey led me to realize that though management and leadership have been studied from time immemorial, most of the modern thought in this field comes from the western perspective. The dharmic world view embodies diverse thoughts and practices, and has something unique to say about management and leadership.

I write Dharma and Management to teach how to lead, manage and govern for sustainable growth and prosperity based on the ancient wisdom of Dharma. This means looking at macro concepts like sustainability and economic cycles through a dharmic lens. But it also means looking at practical day-to-day challenges like how to meet the challenges of rapid growth, how to deal with threats to your business, how to run effective performance management, and how to manage yourself as well.

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Learn how to lead, manage and govern for sustainable growth and prosperity based on ancient wisdom.